Hot Chocolate



On cold winter days, you might be in search of a friend to warm you up. That's exactly where a cup of hot chocolate comes in.



Sometimes while watching the rain or when enjoying a book, a cup of hot chocolate would just increase our pleasure...




Let us take a look at the history of chocolate which is the essence of this delicious drink:


It is thought that the first chocolate drink was made by the Mayans approximately 2000 years ago. Until the 1400s, cocoa drinks became an important part of Aztec culture. The beverage, which was popular in Europe when it was brought to Europe from Mexico in the New World, has undergone various changes since then. Until the 19th century, hot chocolate was used in medical treatments of a number of disorders, such as abdominal pains.




Nowadays, hot chocolate is consumed all over the world and it is served in different ways such as cioccolata densa, which is prepared in Italy, or hot chocolate, which is generally waterier.





And we are also proud to present you the delicious Altıncezve Hot Chocolate that will warm you and make you smile. Thank you for allowing us to join in your happiness...