Mint Lemon



Mint-Lemon is a hot beverage that is widely known in the public, especially in winter. It has been used for centuries by mankind with its breathtaking and powerful scent that refreshes and nurtures you. In the Ottoman period, it had an important place in the shelves of herbalists and physicians.



Mint-Lemon must be consumed when absolutely hot and instantly. A cold or previously made mint-lemon will not have the desired effect.


The benefits of mint-lemon tea with known and unknown properties can be listed as follows:


- The most important feature of mint-lemon is that it is good for colds.


- It gives energy, can be consumed to feel mentally alert and can be consumed for weight loss.


- It is good for nasal congestion and respiration.



- Helps digestion, it is antiseptic, good for the skin.


- Relieves mental fatigue, relaxes the stomach.


- Contains high amounts of Vitamin C.



- Soothes stomach pain.


- It prevents nausea.


- It is good for migraine, insomnia, dizziness, and colds



- Removes stomach spasms.


- Corrects chronic abdominal pain.


- Relieves gas pain and cramping.


- Due to its pain killers’ effect and antiseptic properties, it has refreshing properties.



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