Turkish Coffee


Turkish Coffee refers to the coffee preparation and cooking method discovered by the Turks. It has a unique identity and tradition with a special taste, foam, smell, cooking. It is the only type of coffee that is served with its sediment.

According to researchers, coffee has spread all over the world from South Ethiopia at the beginning of the 14th century. The source of this is etymologically the region of Kaffa in South Ethiopia.

Coffee, which was obtained by boiling the coffee fruit in the Arabian Peninsula, has gained the real coffee flavor and unique aroma with this brand-new preparation and cooking method. Coffee which was introduced to Europe by Turks was prepared for many years as Turkish coffee and consumed with this method.

 The Arabica type of Brazilian and Central American origin is blended from high-quality coffee beans, and the Turkish coffee, which is slowly roasted, preferably on coal fire is finely ground. With the aid of a coffee pot, water and sugar are added, and two teaspoons of coffee  are poured into a cup of coffee. It is served in small cups. In order for the sediment to settle a small amount of time is passed.

Water, contrary to belief is not drank at the end of coffee, but before drinking the coffee.  

In 1517, the governor of Yemen, Özdemir Pasha brought this coffee to Istanbul, which he admired much. Due to the brand-new method of preparation found by the Turks, they were cooked in copper vessels and coffee pots and took the name of Turkish Coffee.

The first coffee house in Tahtakale, which spread rapidly all over the city, the public was introduced to coffee.

With coffee houses, where at every hour of the day chess and backgammon games were played, poetry and literature conversations were exchanged, a coffee culture marked the social life of the period. In the kitchen of the palace and in the houses, coffee was consumed in large quantities.

Raw coffee beans were roasted in pans and then they were pounded in patties and cooked in the pots. They were served with great care to the most esteemed friends. In a short period of time, by virtue of the merchants and travelers and Ottoman ambassadors who were on their way to Istanbul, the taste and fame of the Turkish Coffee took its place in Europe and the whole world. 

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